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Our Technology

Fluid-Derived Biologics

Our amniotic fluid-derived biologics are a novel, multi-target modulator of inflammation that promotes cell recovery and tissue healing. These proprietary biologics are derived from amniotic fluid recovered during routine cesarean section, and carefully processed under cGMP conditions to maintain biological activity of key components. Our product candidates are currently in clinical trials for multiple disease areas. 

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Amniotic Membrane Sheets

Our manufacturing technology uses proprietary cGMP processing techniques to maintain the regenerative properties of AmNova Amniotic Membrane Allograft. Our processed amniotic membrane contain active proteins with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while the preserved extracellular matrix serves as a scaffold for tissue repair and regeneration. Our product candidate is currently in clinical studies. 



cGMP research and commercial manufacturing facility

Our cGMP facility has developed a proprietary processing and sterilization techniques for amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane that ensure the innate biologic activity of its ingredients for therapeutic applications. 

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